Distributor Awards for 2017

Trackmobile is proud to announce its top four performing Distributors with Awards of Excellence for 2017. Providing some of the safest, most reliable equipment for railroad material handling through railcar movement and switching, Trackmobile remains the market leader. These Awards honor Trackmobile Distributors that have demonstrated outstanding leadership, professionalism, and continue to guide their customers to the highest level of performance in railway material handling. It is with the additional support of our distributors and their continual efforts to exceed their customers’ expectations that Trackmobile is able to maintain our market leadership.

Staying at the top in any industry is challenging, and in today’s competitive marketplace it takes strong partnerships to help keep us there. For this reason, it is with continued pride and excitement that we announce and recognize our top performing Distributors with these 2017 Distributor Awards. These Awards of Excellence include the Distributor of the Year; Market Leader; the President’s Award; and the Trackmobile Parts Champion. We are honored to announce the following 2017 award recipients:

  • Distributor of the Year: Wiese USA
  • Market Leader: Gordon Russell Limited
  • President’s Award: Whiting Canada
  • Trackmobile Parts Champion: Andress Engineering Associates

We feel fortunate to be able to continue our strong partnerships, with such an impressive Distributor network, that exhibits such high levels of dedication with expertly trained and experienced technicians dedicated to our mutual growth that helps Trackmobile remain the global leader for in-plant railcar movement. While all of you play a critical role in our collective success, this year’s award recipients have shown to be the best-performing Distributor leaders from 2017 to continue our success into 2018.

Congratulations to:: Wiese USA, Gordon Russell Limited, Whiting Canada, and Andress Engineering Associates!

About Trackmobile® LLC: Trackmobile, a Georgia based Marmon Group / Berkshire Hathaway Company, is founding innovator and leading manufacturer of the bi-modal railcar mover with over 11,000 sold globally. Trackmobile, a heavy duty rail to road vehicle with a bi-modal transport system, provides businesses with a safe, efficient, and economical means of switching railcars within industrial plants and railroad terminals world-wide. For more information see www.trackmobile.com