Force 12 Pneumatics

Trackmobile, Inc. and Ingersoll-Rand have teamed up to bring you the best and highest output train air pneumatics in the business: All Magnum Series and Titan Series Trackmobile units are equipped with Trackmobile Force 12 Pneumatics as standard equipment.

The power of Force 12 Pneumatics comes from an Ingersoll-Rand rotary screw-type airend, blasting our train air brake capacity from 37 cfm or even our optional 65 cfm system to an amazing 100 CFM.

Look at the features of TrackmobileŽ Force 12 Pneumatics:

  • High air output to charge multiple railcars as fast as their demand valves will allow and to maintain flow to multiple railcars to make up brake applications and leaks
  • Industrial grade airend designed and built for 100% duty cycle, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year at maximum rpm, service life rated at more than 30,000 hours
  • Extended service intervals - Oil changes at an incredible 2,000 hours
  • Extended warranty for pneumatic components
  • Longer component life than reciprocating piston compressors
  • Lower operating temperatures than reciprocating compressors
  • Compact size but with high output