Safe-T-Vue System

  • Provides 360 degree virtual view surrounding the machine
  • Reduces blind spots
  • Offers unparalleled visibility during railing and coupling
  • Proprietary railing video image support

Remote Telematics Monitoring

  • Provides helpful resources, e-mails, or text alerts if urgent maintenance or operational conditions occur
  • Provides accurate and timely information on
    • machine utilization
    • equipment health
    • impact detection, and other valuable date
  • Assists with proactive maintenance, service cost reduction, remote inspection, security, and more

Ergonomically Enhanced Operator's Cab

  • 360 degree visibility for added safety and security
  • Size optimized for heating and cooling efficiency
  • 180 degree swivel air ride seat offers visibility in either direction of travel without strain
  • Operator controls conveniently located on seat armrests

Left and Right Armrest Controls

  • Left:
    • Coupler controls allow 4-way coupler movement
    • Train Air Brake Controls allow easy use of the railcar's default braking system
  • Right:
    • Joystick Control offers effortless fingertip control of throttle, Trackmobile brakes, transmission, horn, sanders, and coupler release


  • Detects the maximum amount of weight that can be transferred from the coupled railcar(s) to produce the greatest attainable tractive effort
  • Automatically calculates proper lift during weight transfer
  • Promotes operator confidence and security


  • Traction control and anti-lock braking system that extends wheel life and improves both performance and safety
  • Automatically releases sand as needed
  • Extends wheel life


  • Includes MAX-Trac and MAX-Tran options
  • Adds up to 15% more tractive effort
  • Automatically detects and activates when additional tractive effort is needed

Train Air Charge Indicator

  • Monitors and displays the brake pipe air flow when charging the railcars
  • Real-time feedback on train air system operating status
  • Positively indicates when railcars are fully charged and safe to move

On Board Diagnostic System

  • Industry first easy-to-read, full color, LED diagnostic display screen
  • Provides vital operating information, detailed diagnostic readings, engine and transmission messaging and codes

Train Air Brake Hold

  • Starts/stops train air flow at any point in the braking process
  • Allows for more precise Train Air Brake reductions between detents

Ingersoll-Rand 100 CFM Rotary screw-type Airend Compressor

  • High air output charges multiple railcars as fast as their demand valves will allow and maintains flow to multiple railcars to make up brake applications and leaks
  • Industrial grade airend design built for 100% duty cycle, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year at a maximum rpm
  • Service rated at more than 30,000 hours
  • Longer component life and lower operating temperatures than reciprocating piston compressors
  • Compact size yet maintains high output

In-Cab Train Air Source Control

  • One less "Red Zone" responsibility for groundman and crew
  • Protects compressor life
  • Improves operator efficiency by reducing time outside of cab

Hydraulic Lock Out

  • A first-in-industry safety feature that disables hydraulics (except steering and service brakes) until operator unlocks system
  • Prevents unexpected operation of movement of hydraulic functions

Counter Balance Checks and Locking Valves

  • In the event of a hose failure while elevated onto road tires, check valves are present to prevent unplanned lowering of the Trackmobile
  • Assists in reducing the railing of the machine to the operation of a single Roadwheels Up/Down Switch

Industry Leading Coupler Beam Width

  • Widest in industry, with widths up to 35"
  • Allows for a more stress-free handling of curves
  • Lessens the wear and tear on not only equipment but the rail infrastructure itself, i.e. railwheel flange and rail head wear

Titan Pivoting Mainframe

  • Maintains 4-point rail contact
  • Allows for rigid mount axles that provide extended life of the axle housing
  • Rapid and positive mechanical response to uneven track
  • Instantly equalizes Titan plus transferred weight among the 4 wheels

Titan Body Frame Air Suspension System

  • Cost-effective, durable shock resistant foundation for the Body Frame, Cab, and major components
  • Improves ride quality and operator comfort

Ring-Style Railwheels

  • Less railwheel mass to replace yields a lower cost of ownership
  • Provides easy access for quick and efficient removal and replacement

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